Recent News

Alexis is in College!

Alexis is attending the University of Minnesota Twin Cities this year. She is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Neuroscience in the highly selective Honors Program.

Female Football Player

Alexis Bunnell played placeholder and defensive line for the Burnsville High School Football team. She is the only girl of the Blaze Varsity football team and serves as an inspiration to those around her.

Academic Excellence

Alexis Bunnell has a exceptional academic background at Burnsville High School. She maintains a 4.0 gpa in honors and college level coursework

Awards and Achievements

Alexis Bunnell has accumulated a multitude of achievements and honors.

Life of Service

Alexis Bunnell serves as a leader in multiple student group organizations at Burnsville High School. Additionally, she adopted a park and collected food donations with her twin brother.

What People Say

“Alexis has an infectious personality, outside of the box strategic thinking, and determination to be a force for positive transformation on the world, affects change for the people and the communities that she serves. Alexis is a mover and shaker for her generation; she will change the world because she has so much passion, determination and the ability to think beyond the norm.”

Courtnee Floback, Youth Service Coordinator

Alexis selected as recipient of the MNWT Outstanding Young Adult Award

The Outstanding Young Adult Award has been presented by the Minnesota Women of Today since 1974. It is a scholarship project designed to recognize young adults who show excellence in leadership abilities and involvement in community activities. The Outstanding Young Adult Award (OYA) is awarded to young adults for their excellence in leadership abilities and…

Fall Semester Update pt. 3

Andrew and I are wrapping up our first semester in college. Andrew and I are still both majoring in Neuroscience at the Honors Program in the College of Biological Sciences at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities this year. We are settling into campus and the flow of things at the U. In our chemistry…

Fall Semester Update pt.2

Alexis has officially made it through her first month in college. Andrew and Alexis are really enjoying their time in the U. It is a great fit for them! The professors and classes are super good. In her chemistry class they have been recently learning about Molecular Shape, Bonding Theories, and Thermodynamics. In Alexis’s Chemistry Lab she…