Fall Semester Update pt. 3

Andrew and I are wrapping up our first semester in college. Andrew and I are still both majoring in Neuroscience at the Honors Program in the College of Biological Sciences at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities this year.

We are settling into campus and the flow of things at the U. In our chemistry class we have been recently learning Le Châtelier’s principle, Equilibrium, and Solubility. In our Chemistry Lab, we just got our first lab reports graded with A’s (which we attached below) and have just turned in another one. In our Neuroanatomy class, we have been learning about interesting brain-related functions of humans like addiction, vision, sleeping, and walking. Over the past couple of weeks, we have had several guest speakers who are professionals in their fields talk about their work and fields of study. In our Mass Media and Popular Culture Journalism, we have been discussing consumerism and brand culture and talking about how different products utilize social media for branding. We also turned in our midterm papers that were a response to a documentary we chose to watch and both scored extremely well.  

In our free time, Andrew and I have been crushing it at the Bowling Lanes (with both of us now scoring over 100). We also have been taking advantage of studying in the various libraries around campus and exploring buildings (which by the way there are so many buildings!). We also have seen turkeys and squirrels all around campus! It’s crazy to think how fast time has gone. 

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